LED Panel

Indoor fixedly mounted LED display, new design, craftsmanship smooth seamless. Suitable for sports venues, commercial applications, banking, securities, postal services, shopping malls, railway stations, telecommunications, institutions, monitoring, schools, restaurants, hotels, entertainment, businesses and other different places. Indoor solid equipment products, applicability, rich colors, ultra-thin lightweight box, before or after maintenance, no maintenance channel, saving maintenance space, no air-conditioning installation.

Colour led display

Product specification: Pixel pitch:P31.25 Pixel density:1024 pixel/㎡ Frame rate:60-300HZ Displ..


Product specification:   Pixel pitch:2.08mm   Resolution ratio:96*96dots&nbs..

HDC-P8 Indoor

Product specification: Pixel pitch:6mm  SMD3528 Module resolution ratio:32*32dots Pix..

Outdoor led display

Product specification:  Pixel pitch:5-16MM  Module resolution ratio:32*16dots ..

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